What we do

We Are OH Studios is a digital creative agency that focuses on creating the best design, photography, video, and web content experience. For over a decade each of our endeavors is guided by a commitment to quality and passion for the arts. We strive to create meaning and value for our customers and their users and seek to imbue our products with a sense of wonder. We are a diverse team of creatives from many backgrounds with a shared desire to help make the web a better place by crafting the best digital experiences.

Our story

We Are OH Studios was founded in October of 2003 by Tyler Smith and Kyle Gardner as a small print-shop idea based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 2004 We Are OH was launched as a brand and started working on projects such as Pinhead Cartoons and Firelord Productions meer namesakes for art design and film production as well as hosting a website for graphics, comics and illustrations in 2006. We Are OH Studios got it's name in 2008 when Lancaster band Circus! Circus! whom Tyler's brother Justin was the guitarist of came to Tyler and asked for his help with their 2008 record "Brooklyn Nightlife" in which We Are OH Studios came to life. 

Between the years We Are OH has thrived in digital media, graphic arts and film and photography but at the same time keeping it's grass-roots in the community and bridging the gap between business and personal connections. In 2015 We Are OH Studios celebrated it's twelfth year of business by launching We Are OH Cares focusing on non-profit organizations that the company has worked with over the years and grew further and further by bridging partnerships with Bear Peak Studios, Darth Fader Records, Vans Warped Tour and Fake Life Clothing as well as expanding operation from a small office in Lancaster to a second office in Philadelphia and branching out to Pittsburgh and New York City.

If words could simply put into fact of what We Are OH Studios does differently than any other company it's that We Are OH thrives for the community, we thrive for making great experiences happen and we want the best for our clients, our friends, our family and the people who helped bring this company to fruition. 

We couldn't be here without the people who make us who we are. And that's you. 

We Are OH Studios knows how to make a first impression and deliver on time with professionalism.
— Run For Cover Records

What We've Achieved

  • Featured in Lancaster Online's "Locals of 2011"
  • Featured in Fine Living Lancaster in July of 2012
  • Recognized by Pure Noise Records as a partner in 2013
  • Recognized by LAUNCH Music Conference as a partner in 2014
  • Featured on Straight Edge Worldwide with Pinehurst in 2015 
  • Recognized by Fueled By Ramen Records for work with Paramore in 2009
  • Recognized by Fake Life Clothing as a partner in 2015
  • Featured on Tumblr as a developer in 2013
  • Recognized by The Mayors Office of Special Events and May Rick Grey in 2014
  • Recognized by Fearless Records for work with August Burns Red
  • Featured by The Lancaster Barnstormers in 2015
  • Featured on Purevolume with Carousel Kings in 2013
  • Recognized by Vans Warped Tour for work in 2015
  • Recognized by the City of Philadelphia in 2014
  • Recognized by LAUNCH Music Conference as a partner in 2016
  • Featured on Lancaster Online in 2016's "Locals of 2016"
  • Recognized by the City of Philadelphia for work in the music industry in 2017.
  • Featured by Squarespace in 2018 as a Developer.