The We Are OH Update: Wednesday February 22nd 2017 (THE LAUNCH UPDATE)

Good afternoon! It's been quite a long time since we've posted and update and 2017 has been great so far so let's dig in!

LAUNCH Music Conference 2017

The time is almost here, we've come into the final countdown of FIFTY days until LAUNCH 2017 and we're ecstatic! We can't wait to unveil which We Are OH Music family members are performing and what we're announcing!

Below we've got times and dates for when we're doing meetups and signing with some We Are OH Music family members.

Below we have a list of all the meetups at LAUNCH 2017! Hopefully we'll see some of you out there!

Spring / Summer 2017 plans

As we're coming into March we've got a lot to work out on our hands including LAUNCH 2017 and a few surprises late in April, we're looking forward to Vans Warped Tour 2017 as with a few new events we're working with in Lancaster AND Philadelphia including meetups, contests and other fun stuff that'll come out of We Are OH Studios!

We'll be announcing some fun amazing stuff during LAUNCH 2017 that'll add up to this!

That's all we've got for this week! Check back next week for more and enjoy this week's featured song!

The We Are OH Update: Tuesday November 1st 2016

Good afternoon/evening everyone!

It's been two months since we've last done one of these things and we apologize for all the delay as we've all been busy pumping away the future of We Are OH Studios.


November is a HUGE month for all of us at We Are OH Studios and we're excited to be expanding our operation into Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY by the end of this month with coming changes to our Lancaster and Philadelphia locations. We're excited to take over the state of Pennsylvania (kind of) and expand into the rat race that is New York City.  We'll also be announcing the 10 days of We Are OH events slated for the beginning of December on the 24th of November as with much more to be announced in the coming weeks following the 2016 Presidential Election (yeah, it's kind of torn the office apart) so make sure to watch our Twitter account for more information!

Charm City.

A long time ago we became friends with a band called Carousel Kings and started pushing out work for them via our partnership with CI Records that expired last year and today we're expanding that by working with their new label Victory Records and we're super excited for. You can listen to their new song "Bad Habit" below and pick up their new record "Charm City" in store this February!

The We Are OH Update: Thursday September 1st 2016

Good afternoon! 

It's been quite some time since we've posted one of these and a lot has happened and today we'll go over some new things coming along in the company and our outlook for this fall!


For the past couple of months we've been working on expanding our operations from Lancaster / Philadelphia into new locations and starting this November we'll be expanding into Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY officially merging into one of the largest cities in the United States and another Pennsylvania branch that'll serve with Cleveland, Ohio as well!  We'll be announcing more details of that in October and launching twitter handles and facebook pages as well so stay tuned to that! 

The We Are OH Sampler.

Since we relaunched We Are OH Sampler last year we've worked closely with some amazing musicians and as previously announced in July we'll be bringing it back this October with an addition of We Are OH Studios Present: A We Are OH Christmas being launched on December 1st starting with the annual 10 Days of We Are OH events!

Thirteen Years Later.

As announced in July we'll be celebrating our thirteenth year as a company this October and we also said we'd announce plans for a birthday show and today we'll be doing that! Join us on October 21st to celebrate THIRTEEN YEARS as a company in Lancaster at the Chameleon or The Champ (depending on what we pick) with friends PAPER WAVES, CAROUSEL KINGS and more TBA! We'll be formally announcing the show on October 1st with the full lineup and more! We can't wait to see you all there.

We Are OH Ventures.

A few weeks ago we announced a little project of ours entitled "We Are OH Ventures" which is a new subsidiary of We Are OH Studios that publishes music, videos, and anything art related as with producing new content or as we call them "adventures". Starting this October we'll be filming in downtown Lancaster and shooting the very first adventure for We Are OH Ventures! Keep your eyes on this page for more information!


Back in 2011 we launched We Are OH Gaming which created YouTube videos of Grand Theft Auto: IV, Forza and many other video games via Xbox 360 but as time has changed we have too so we'll be relaunching We Are OH Gaming on September 27th with ALL NEW next gen Xbox One and PS4 content from our CEO Tyler and gaming enthusiast RJ Robledo whether it's NHL 17, Grand Theft Auto: V or Rocket League it'll be up on YouTube!  More detail soon! 

Well, that's all we've got for today! Check back later on for some more amazing news.

We Are OH, You are awesome!