A look back at 2015.

Hey everyone, Tyler here

2015 has been a phonomenal year for all of us at We Are OH Studios, most importantly it's the year we became who we really sought out to be. In the past twelve months a lot has happened with We Are OH Studios from us launching this brand new website that stunned everyone around us to our COO Tyler Newberry leaving the company and us relieving duties from CCO Kiki Michelle and Co-Founder Kyle Gardner. 

Below is a list of everything we've accomplished in 2015.

  • We launched the all-new weareoh.com on January 31st 2015
  • We hired our Chief Media Director Heather Hickernell on February 2nd
  • We attended LAUNCH Music Conference 2015 in April
  • We got featured on Straight Edge Magazine with Pinehurst
  • We attended Vans Warped Tour in Columbia, Maryland with Handguns, Major League and Carousel Kings, Common Thief and August Burns Red in July
  • We ended our partnership with CI Records and gained a partnership with Bear Peak Studios, Darth Fader Records and The City of Lancaster
  • We relaunched We Are OH Cares and supporting The American Cancer Society, Keep A Breast, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation, To Write Love On Her Arms and Heart Support
  • We got nominated for a Shorty Award for the 3rd year in a row
  • We brought back the We Are OH Family Sampler in October
  • We celebrating twelve years of We Are OH Studios
  • We helped launch Pinehurst on iTunes and Spotify
  • We officially announced the closing of SCheckmag.com after being open for four years and the closure of The Keystone Collective a small music organization founded by ex-employee Kiki Michelle. 
  • We relaunched We Are OH Music on our all new site in May with photography and posts by Sean O Day.
  • We officially changed our logo for the first time since March of 2012 designed by ex-employee and Bear Peak Studios owner Tyler Newberry.
  • We attended Communikey 2015 in Boulder, Colorado

We couldn't be more happier for this year and we're excited for what 2016 brings all of us at We Are OH Studios.

For the last time in 2015, Thank you all for the wonderful support we've received over the past six years since our relaunch in 2009 and over the past twelve years since we founded We Are OH Studios.

Thank You
Tyler Smith
CEO & Founder