LAUNCH 2015 Round 2 Plans & New Employees!

Today is a monumental day for We Are OH Studios, as we're announcing round two of our plans for LAUNCH Music Conference 2015, and two new employees who will be working for us!

First things first! LAUNCH 2015 ROUND TWO!

Last month we announced the first round of our plans for LAUNCH Music Conference 2015, which takes place from April 23rd - April 26th in historical downtown Lancaster, PA.  Today, we're announcing round two of those plans. 

  • We'll be hosting an after party on April 25th at Federal Taphouse starting at 10:50pm that Saturday.
  • We'll be attending mostly every panel and introducing ourselves, handing out business cards, pamphlets and posters featuring our friends in PINEHURST!
  • In addition to hosting an after party we'll be giving away free stuff through out the weekend including music from Pinehurst and pre-orders of our brand new We Are OH T-Shirts!


Joining us in 2015 is our long time friend Kevin Reppen and our new friend Heather Hickernell! Kevin will lead the web development team and work close with new projects and products from We Are OH Studios, and Heather is our new digital media assistant and will be working closely to Tyler on new projects and products and everything new from We Are OH Studios!

Thank you all for an amazing start to 2015 and we cannot wait to share it all with you in the coming weeks and months.

With love,
We Are OH Studios.