A Note from our CEO Tyler.


Hey all, Tyler Smith here.

In seven days we'll be venturing downtown for LAUNCH Music Conference 2015 and i'm just thinking back to the beginning of this companies history with LAUNCH and how we started expanding our family of musicians and starting the future of We Are OH Studios. In 2013 we came to LAUNCH after missing it in 2012 and brought some of our friends with us and made new friends along the way but just the idea that we've grown so much since that first event back since our 2011 experience we just were blown away.

Along with myself, Heather Hickernell and Marco Adiletta will be tagging along this year during LAUNCH and we cannot wait to see all of you.

I can speak for all of us at We Are OH that we are very thankful for all of the support we've received alone this year.

Thanks so much and i'll see you guys at LAUNCH!
-- Tyler A. Smith