Time For Change

As some of you know and have seen, all of us at We Are OH Studios brought fourth another change to the company, this time it's our logo. 

You see, in March 2012 we launched the old badge based We Are OH logo that everyone loved and cherished but there came a time when things just had to change. This past couple of weeks Tyler Smith and Tyler Newberry pushed the ideas from previous logos around and came up with our all-new logo. 

It just seemed fitting to bring forth a new website in January and then in May rebrand ourselves and bring more changes to the company and we're excited for whats next. 

Thank you to everyone who has stood by the company since our inception in 2003 we've grown a long way and we wouldn't be here pushing pixels and making you, musicians, businesses and everyone around the world happier every day if it wasn't for the help of our friends, family, community of musicians and our amazing partners.