The We Are OH Update: Wednesday June 30th 2015.

Hello everyone, Tyler, S here.

It's been quite a while since we last posted some changes to We Are OH Studios and it's services but that's all about to change.

Over the past couple of months since LAUNCH Music Conference 2015 we've been discussing things on a more wider basis than meeting once a month to discuss projects with the team, our board members and everyone in between. Today we will be grasping the future and the next six months of We Are OH Studios.

So without further ado

Domain Project Changes

It is with heavy heart we announce the following sites owned by We Are OH Studios will no-longer exist after this fall and January 2016.

  • Sound Check Digital /
  • Keystone Music Collective /

We're sad to see them go but we must remove the sites and projects that are no-longer managed by us or have had someone drop from said project.

Historic Changes

in the coming months we'll be changing our history and hiring a few new people to our board and making changes.  We're starting with hiring our long time friend Alexander King as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) effective July 1st 2015, Alex has been a long time friend of ours and he will oversee marketing for the company and expanding our horizon for us to branch out and explore other markets and share things with other people in other states. 

We've launched a new subsidiary under We Are OH Studios entitled We Are OH Media, (explained more below) which will branch out and take over the now defunct SCheck Digital. Further more we'll be hosting brand new media projects with We Are OH Media that includes music, sports and video from us. 

We Are OH Sports 

This coming September we're launching a brand new website in place of the now defunct SCheckmag focused on sports news. It will focus mainly from our new subsidiary "We Are OH Media" with our own Marco Adiletta and Tyler Shake from Pinehurst as editing authors. It will focus mainly on Hockey but as time progresses we hope to include much more as we go on. Sports has been a stepping stone for We Are OH since the dawn of the company since we've all been entertained and have started designing logos for sports projects outside of the company so we decided to bring those projects into the company.

Starting October 1st you can visit and read news, check scores and cheer for your favorite NHL team.

Celebrating 12 Years of We Are OH

In October we'll be celebrating our twelfth birthday as a company whole and we're making it exciting this year. Although our tradition is posting a very long post explaining the companies history which we've noted that's getting old and dated so we're doing something new this year.

This year, we'll be hosting one amazing event in Lancaster, PA for our 12th birthday celebration!

  • October 24th - Paper Waves LIVE @ We Are OH in Lancaster, PA

These events will be free of charge but we ask of donations for the kind of the musician to play for us.

Other than those events we don't have a lot planned for our companies anniversary but that can change over the next couple of months! 

As we come to the end of this post i'd like to thank everyone who has supported us this year so far we promise we won't let you down! SEE YOU ALL AT WARPED TOUR AND PINELANDS FESTIVAL IN AUGUST!

Thank You

Tyler A. Smith
CEO & Founder