The We Are OH Update: Saturday August 1st 2015

Hey everyone! We haven't really posted any news since June 30th and it's now August 1st! Can't believe it can you?  Well it has.. Lets get to it shall we?


A lot has happened over the past month and a half with us taking over Vans Warped Tour in Columbia, Maryland to our long time CCO Tyler Newberry leaving the company it's been an emotional roller coaster.

We've decided to change a lot of things for the better including moving back into our old Lancaster office and starting from scratch again, it's going to take some time but we're ready to push forward with a brand new We Are OH Studios starting this August.

As some of you know we'll be celebrating our 12th anniversary in October which we've had to reschedule to an earlier date which isn't too hateful but atlas it's happening Saturday October 17th 2015! We're super excited to finally be celebrating our own birthday without there being scheduling conflicts like 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Pinehurst News!

Oh what wonderful news we have for our friends Pinehurst! Recently this week we decided to publish We Are OH Music a little further than our own website by publishing Pinehurst's debut EP "Searching For The Sun" on iTunes and Spotify!

You can listen to Searching For The Sun below via Spotify!



Here's another thing we've been sneaking around with! In June we announced plans for We Are OH Sports via our new platform We Are OH Media but things turned south and we didn't launch the site like we planned HOWEVER.. We're keeping the brand and have launched a page dedicated to the Pennsylvania sports team we know to love  such as the Hershey Bears hockey team and the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball team!

Head over to Sports to check it out!

Thanks for listening and we'll see you all real soon.
XO We Are OH Studios.