Some focusing to do.

Content originally posted on our Staff Blog and transferred over 9/29/2015.

It's been a couple of days since i posted our We Are OH Update on September 9th some things have come up and further more it's time to put We Are OH into perspective.

All of us at We Are OH Studios focus our time on the company and express our full attention to making the customer happy but at the same time forget things about our personal lives outside the company. We started to realize that recently and tonight it's becoming a problem.

We're going to be taking a small break from the company from October 1st to December 1st meaning we'll have to cancel our 12th anniversary event and the halloween event but at the same time focusing on things. We'll be reading emails and tweets as with answering phone calls whilst we're on a small break but we need this since we've pushed ourselves since April.

Thank you for all your support thus far and we're really thankful we have the community behind us and people who care about the company but we just need a small break away from things.

Tyler A. Smith

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