The We Are OH Update: Wednesday September 9th 2015

Hey everyone it's the We Are OH Update back for more news and information!


It's been since August 1st that we haven't shared much news about the company and there's a good reason for that! We've been away on vacation, preparing ourselves for our 12th anniversary that happens soon and HALLOWEEN! yes, we said halloween!  We've been planning around some things because halloween happens to fall on our digital creative director Heather's birthday!

On Halloween, we'll be having a live stream event on our website with surprise guests! It's happening Halloween day from 3pm to 5pm and it's going to be awesome! Check back here September 30th for more information.

Fall predictions

This fall we'll be doing some awesome things with Pinehurst, our old friend Richard Perdomo and a few other's we can't speak about but the one thing we're most excited for is our 12th anniversary events in both Lancaster. PA and Tampa, FL and our newly announced Halloween extravaganza!. We're unsure about details in Tampa but in Lancaster we're having Paper Waves perform and it'll be a blast. Recently we were blown away by August Burns Red announcing their annual Christmas event in December and yet sadden by the announcement of our old friends Texas in July performing for the VERY last time in December as well, It'll be rough for us as a company but we're excited to see our friends again. 

October seems extremely busy for us with our 12th event and Halloween happening but we'll also be having a small meet and greet with the Lancaster team sometime in October before our 12th event so watch for that. 

More Pinehurst News!

In late October / early November we'll be releasing the brand new single and EP for our lovely Florida friends PINEHURST! We'll also be building and managing a website for them around that time as well. Look for that in late October to early November!

Final remarks

September is becoming a great month for our company and we cannot wait until next month. On the 30th of September we'll be announcing the final details for our 12th birthday events and we'll look towards Halloween and Fall 2015.

Thank you all so very much for all the support we've received this year alone, it's been a blast creating and making things for you all. 

We'll see you all very soon
Thanks, We Are OH Studios.