The We Are OH Update: Tuesday November 1st 2016

Good afternoon/evening everyone!

It's been two months since we've last done one of these things and we apologize for all the delay as we've all been busy pumping away the future of We Are OH Studios.


November is a HUGE month for all of us at We Are OH Studios and we're excited to be expanding our operation into Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY by the end of this month with coming changes to our Lancaster and Philadelphia locations. We're excited to take over the state of Pennsylvania (kind of) and expand into the rat race that is New York City.  We'll also be announcing the 10 days of We Are OH events slated for the beginning of December on the 24th of November as with much more to be announced in the coming weeks following the 2016 Presidential Election (yeah, it's kind of torn the office apart) so make sure to watch our Twitter account for more information!

Charm City.

A long time ago we became friends with a band called Carousel Kings and started pushing out work for them via our partnership with CI Records that expired last year and today we're expanding that by working with their new label Victory Records and we're super excited for. You can listen to their new song "Bad Habit" below and pick up their new record "Charm City" in store this February!

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