We Are OH Update: January 1st 2015


Hello everyone and welcome to a new year! Tyler, S here!

What Comes First
It’s now 2015 and we’re coming into the twelfth year of business and in 2015 we’ll be doing some amazing things, first of all we’ll be relaunching the brand new website for SCheck Magazine to celebrate it’s fourth year running on January 17th, further more expanding the We Are OH ® brand into different ventures.

Into Q1 2015
In the first quarter of 2015 we will be expanding our company overseas into Dublin, Ireland and moving a few things into our new Philadelphia, PA office and expanding into further reaches than we have reached so far. Another good thing happening in the first quarter is LAUNCH Music Conference 2015! This will be our sixth year attending LAUNCH excluding our absence in 2012. We will be stronger than ever at LAUNCH 15 and we can’t wait to share everything with you all.

Summer 2015
Some of you have noticed on our Facebook page we’ve been hinting a lot with Pinehurst and with touring and bands in general and before we even scratch the surface and announce anything to you all we just want to leave you with a small teaser.. Yes, there’s going to be something magnificent this summer / fall with our boys in Pinehurst, Handguns (who will be courageous this summer on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour) Post Season and Carousel Kings! Another great thing happening over the summer is we’ll be traveling and promoting the company as well as becoming more familiar with other states, cities and music scenes!

Reshaping We Are OH Studios in 2015
In 2015 there will be a lot to be changed and a lot to be rewritten in our history book and before we even typed this out we announced one of the biggest changes to the company and that is changing up our logo and giving We Are OH Studios ® the official seal of trademarking, We previously used the trademark on our text logo but now we’re using it all over. In 2015 you will see a lot of We Are OH ® and a lot of new things.

Last but not least. We cannot express how amazing the past eleven years has been for our company and our team! We are very thankful for everything we have received over the past eleven years and we cannot wait to share the next eleven years with you all.

Thank you for everything.

Tyler Smith
CEO & Founder