Last Updated: DECEMBER 7TH, 2016

Limitations and Usage of our site

To the extent you are authorized to access, display or otherwise use any Materials outside of the We Are OH Studios website, you may not use such Materials with other content or in a manner that:

  • removes, alters, reproduces, distorts, or in any way obstructs any trademark, logo, copyright or other proprietary notices, provided as part of the Materials on
  • uses of the materials or We Are OH website for any purpose other than as expressly permitted.
  • uses of the materials or We Are OH website as means to engaged in conduct that reflects poorly upon, disparages or devalues We Are OH Studios’ reputation or goodwill, as determined by We Are OH Studios’ sole discretion.

Posting Content

You may only post information, text, graphics, photos, audio and video and other data (collectively, “Content”) on or through out the services of We Are OH that you have requested.

  • Designs, Posters, Logos, etc are all copyrighted and owned by you as the client. Though as a client you are bound to know the limitations of your designs as knowing what to do with them in your own hands check Liability for  more information on that.


We Are OH is not liable for any design (“disasters”) or as we call them (“screw ups”) that happen on your own accord. We’re opted to fix them if something goes wrong on our end, if it’s on your end we are not liable to fix it in any way. Once the design is sent to you, the client, we cannot fix it in any ways what so ever.