The Wilderness Politics Tour - 11/14/15

This Past Saturday was one of the best shows I had the change to do coverage for. Andrew McMahon was around my whole childhood. Whether he was with Jacks Mannequin or the legendary pop punk band Something Corporate, Or even having a guest spot on One Tree Hill. He really did put a signature into my emo childhood. This past Saturday, despite having a new project, Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness, he still apparently performs his old songs along with his new (i.e Dark Blue, Woke Up In A Car).  After all these years he still looks young, performs young. And make sure everyone leaves the venue satisfied. I had the opportunity of shooting New Politics set as well. This wasn't the first time I did coverage for these guys and I'll tell you this, if you have never seen them live you are missing out. I didn't get a chance to see all of Lolos set because she started earlier than what the event page said. But anyways here are the photos from that nights show. Enjoy!!!