Dance Gavin Dance 10 Year Anniversary Tour

If you told me two years ago that all the former clean vocalists of Dance Gavin Dance got together, including the current clean vocalist, and sung Uneasy Hearts Weights The Most. I would have called you crazy. But here we are! I've officially witnessed greatness. This past week I attended the Dance Gavin Dance 10 Year Anniversary Tour. Featuring former lead cleans with their current bands. Kurt Travis with A Lot Like Birds, Jonny Craig and Slaves. We even had former guitarists in Strawberry Girls. I was unable to photograph Strawberry GIrls but from what I heard in the lobby they sounded amazing. DayShell was there also. Not sure why but the band needs a gig so who cares. Every band that night sounded amazing. Everyone had great lighting. Every fan had interesting mustaches. All in all great night filled with truly underrated bands. 


A Lot Like Birds

Slaves (US)

Dance Gavin Dance