Senses Fail // Silverstein Co-Headliner

Two bands that are still going at it, Senses Fail and Silverstein, returned to Cleveland this past week. They never missed a beat. Never looked and sounded younger. Despite the fact that Buddy mentioned to a guy yelling "shut up and play more songs!" how he was 32 years old and needed a few minutes of talking before continuing performing. The show opened with Capsize. Which, their stage presence reminded me of early 00's emo bands with their energy and jumping. Most of the crowd wasn't as interested as I was, and their songs did kind of sound the same after a while, but I think they pulled a solid performance.  Hundredth was more of a warm up than Capsize. As a lot of people really loved their music. The lighting of Senses Fail was really bothersome for my picture taking so my photos of them really lack a lot. Silversteins lighting was amazing and their performance was just as amazing. I had no choice but to sing Smile In Your Sleep while I took photos of them performing it. Overall, great night.



Senses Fail


Sean DayComment