August Burns Red - 12/2/15 - Cleveland, Ohio

August Burns Red came back to CLE this past week since. Third time shooting this band this year and the reason being is because they know how to put on a show. Besides the fact that the owner of this publication is a huge ABR fan. Other acts includes Every Time I Die, Polyphia, Stick To Your Guns, and Wage War. Once again I got mixed up with the set time and missed half of Wage Wars set. I was able to shoot photos of their last song but thats about all I can do for that band. Polyphia made a new fan that night. incredible guitar skills. A mixture of Djent and Jazz. I call it Djazz. Stick To Your Guns is a hardcore band. While most of their songs were jammin', it was what it was: a hardcore set. Every Time I die came up next and I was really waiting to see who would do vocals for this band. Keith Buckley had to rush back to his home due to family problems. I couldn't get the name of the substitute vocalist but man, he did NOT know half of the lyrics of any of the songs they performed. But their set was still chaotic!! He threw the mic into the crowd and one of the fans screamed the lyrics for them! Joseph Buckley stage dived. The fill in vocalist also stage dived. Just pure chaotic. The lighting for both Every Time...and August Burns Red was a bit tricky for my camera. It was hard to get some good shots that night. but Quality over Quantity. So here you guys go!