Third Eye Blind/Dashboard Confessional - 05/29/15

Third Eye Blind is one of those bands that I remember listening to in the radio when i was teeny tiny Sean. Dashboard Confessional was one of those bands I used to listen to with my brother while we're watching MTV late at night. So having the opportunity to shoot both of these bands were just unreal. Who knew I'd go from shooting a local band for the first time, all the way to shooting two very big bands in the Jacobs Pavilion. This was almost two months ago but I am still very grateful for this opportunity and I hope for more of them. This was Dashboard Confessionals FIRST performance in over seven years. And they did an amazing job. It was like they never left us. I was also very impressed with the stage presence of Third Eye Blind. Even tho they claimed that their set was just improvised. It seemed very in order to me. Until their encore performance turned into three songs. This was their first night of their tour so I can forgive them for being a bit rusty on that. The rest of the show was amazing though. So who cares if they went from Semi-Charmed Life to two new songs no one knows about. Augustana was also one of the openers. Not a bad job.


Dashboard Confessional

Third Eye Blind