Thrice - 09/25/16

I'm a week late into publishing this, but can still remember how amazing this Thrice show was here in Cleveland. With two openers, nothing,nowhere, and La Dispute. This turned out as an A+ show. Something I did not realize till recently by a friend is that the fanbase between La Dispute and Thrice was entirely different. After La Disputes amazing performance I was concerned for Thrice because half the crowd left. It was eventually forgotten since the whole venue filled up before Thrice got on. But it's still a dangerous thing to do business wise. Other than that. All three bands did such an amazing job. It was my first time hearing nothing,nowhere and they sound amazing. Please go look them up. It was my first time seeing both La Dispute and Thrice live and both bands had an amazing performance visually and sound. Here's a few photos from the night!