Asking Alexandria - 11/04/16

It's been a busy couple of weeks. So I'm just gonna name this as 1/3 of the shows I have photographed. With most I have yet to finish up processing and everything else going on. I am a photography mess. But, one show I have completed enough to review is the Asking Alexandria show. This instantly became a must-see performance as Danny Worsnop returned to the band after controversy to their previous vocalist Dennis. Now the lineup is back to their original format and all is great again. The downside of it is that Dennis made the band look 100x young again with his stage presence and extremely good looks. Danny is indeed a rockstar on stage but I wish the movement was a bit more energetic. But nonetheless the show itself was amazing. With amazing lighting and they seemed to perform every song the fans wanted to sing. With the exception to The Black. I only have photos of certain bands, Bad Omens, I See Stars, After The Burial. One band didn't have enough lighting for me to capture anything and the other I was too occupied during. But I hope you enjoy this gallery regardless!