Being As An Ocean 04/05/16

Last week Being As An Ocean came to Lakewood, Ohio with their friends '68 and Capsize. A show filled with underrated yet amazing acts, everyone brought their A game. Once again I only have photos of the last three bands. This time it was because I showed up late. So I can't review listener and Movements. It's a bummer that I can't because I really wanted to see how Movements were on stage, but in due time will probably see them in the near future. This tour is apparently Being As An Oceans last U.S tour of 2016. It's a bold statement since we're only four months into this year but the BAAO boys must have big plans this year. I haven't seen them in two years but this was a big improvement from the last time I've seen them. Their lighting upgraded, they inserted pre-recorded back vocals for the clean vocalists, which by the way I am fully behind because it puts on a great show. Everyone sounded amazing. No arguments here. To nick pick though I do wish 68' would shorten their songs in their sets. To me personally I love a 8 minute jam session by them but it's mostly because I heard the recorded tracks that they are performing. A lot of the fans were first time listeners and have a short attention span with new artists. But other than that I really enjoyed this show. Enjoy the gallery!