Underoath Rebirth Tour

April 13th was the day that I got to finally photograph the band that started it all for me. When I first saw a photo of this band performing at the Vans Warped Tour I thought to myself "I want to be the one to capture photos like these." And since then I've been interested in doing music photography. Fast forward to six years later and I am right where I want to be. Underoath came to Cleveland days ago with a history making show. Performing songs from Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line both in its entirety, it was only a matter of time when 15 year old me came out and started shouting out the lyrics of Writing on the Walls. Caspian, a beautiful instrumental band, opened up the show. All their songs were so relaxing. The lighting really matched their performance and their performance really made you glued to their set. The Space between Caspian and Underoath wasn't as long as I expected and I am pretty grateful for that. Underoath looked and sounded young. This was my second time seeing them but my first time seeing them with Aaron doing clean vocals/drumming. I always wondered how that would sound on stage and not recorded. I was really impressed at how amazing everyone sounded. Everything looked great as well. from Spencer's stage presence, to the visual displays playing in the background. This was indeed one of the greatest shows I have attended. I hope you guys enjoy the gallery as well. I believe this is one of my best work.