SLAVES 03/30/16

Everyone loves Johnny Craig right?? Right?

Slaves came to town this past Wednesday in a very small venue here in Cleveland, Ohio. Despite the drama within the band, and how at least one member of each touring band was sick in some way. Everyone still brought out their A game. The supporters were Outline In Color, Myka Relocate, and Capture The Crown. I'm not a fan of Capture The Crown, and but after their set, I'm still not a fan of Capture The Crown. Granted, the vocalist was sick, but that doesn't give him an excuse to be mean and spray water at everyone just because the crowd was dead. Myka Relocate put on an amazing show and as did Outline In Color. J Craig did what he always do, and thats always blow the roof off with his amazing voice. May I add that he had injured ribs, and still sung like an angel! I only have photos of Myka, CTC, and SLAVES (sorry). It's a small gallery but I hope you enjoy these photos