Motion City Soundtrack // Farewell Tour

When I heard the news that Motion City Soundtrack was calling it quits I indeed was sad but at the same time understood why. But when I heard that they were landing here I quickly knew that I had to capture this moment. This would probably be my last time seeing this band so I had to photograph them! I have to say that this show was more amazing than I expected. Motion City pretty much played all my favorites. The crowd was crazy, everything was insane. The band sounded amazing like they always do when I seen them. I was completely honored to photograph this band for the first (and possibly last) time! I've been on a roll on photographing my favorite middle school bands so I hope you enjoy this streak as well! Ohio's own Light Years opened up, and the wonderful Have Mercy. Check both of them out now! A special thanks to Epitaph, Michele Stephens, and Motion City Soundtrack for this amazing opportunity.