Top 8 Breakout bands of Vans Warped Tour '16

With Warped Tour just ending for the summer, it's safe to say that this was one of the best ones in such a long time. From big middle school bands like Sum 41, Atreyu, Good Charlotte, and New Found Glory. To contemporary main stage bands like State Champs, Real Friends, Motionless in White, and Sleeping With Sirens. It sure was a perfect mixture of old school and new school. But what about the smaller bands of the festival? The bands that help Warped Tour last so many years. It's what this festival is build off of, giving smaller bands a chance to shine! Heck it happened with My Chemical Romance, G-Easy, and even Fall Out Boy!! Most recently with PVRIS and Echosmith. So I'm here to do my first ever editorial! Or just a top 8 list, because who hates seeing one guys opinion on things? Here's my top 8 breakout bands of this years Vans Warped Tour. Just a disclaimer this list is created completely out of word of mouth. I'm sure there are tons of other bands that were discussed in the scene and so forth. So without further ado...

#8 - Old Wounds

This band was mostly talked about by a lot of music photographers. The New Jersey based hardcore band with a bit of a Gothic inspiration lost their Warped Tour Virginity this year and really stand out compared to other bands. Whether it was lead vocalist Kevin sporting makeup and dark clothing, or their own LGBT flags. They were definitely the band to photograph this year. If you have not heard about this band get on that now!

#7 - With Confidence

Granted, this band was getting attention even before Warped Tour started. The Australian pop punk team is build with poppy tunes like Voldemort, We'll Be Okay, and my personal favorite Tonight. Check those out. Hopefully their fan base grows by the start of 2017. They certainly gained new fans this summer.

#6 - Wage War

Everyone that has seen this band perform quickly said "I LOVE THIS!" Signed to Fearless Records, Wage War certainly accomplished making their own impact this summer. With their hard-hitting breakdowns and their, occasionally, uplifting lyrics. This band will indeed go far in the music scene.

#5 - Waterparks

When I first saw this band open up for Never Shout Never earlier this year I already knew how far they would go. The girls were crying over how beautiful the band members hair looked. Plus their songs aren't so bad. I watched their crowd get bigger and bigger just by watching their set at Warped Tour. There is something different about their sound also. After hearing their songs Crave and Territory you'd aggressively want them to be as big as State Champs and Real Friends.

#4 - Too Close To Touch

I was nervous for this band heading into Warped Tour, because they are one of my personal favorites and with a stacked lineup, I was worried not a lot of people would check them out or noticed them. I'm glad I was wrong. I only went to the Cleveland date of Warped but that was the biggest crowd I seen them perform in front of. Granted, it was my first time seeing them, but still..I also heard a lot about them in social media all summer as well. If you have not heard this band and a fan of Sleeping With Sirens or Hands Like Houses, check this band out.

#3 - Capsize

This band already had Tumblr backed up with them, but not enough to draw a crowd for the Festival. This is surely one of the best underrated bands that performed Warped Tour this summer and I hope they come back next year for another run. They didn't start getting included in conversations until their recent release of A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me. They even got pushed up to the Monster North Stage by the last week of Warped Tour. So that really says a lot!

#2 - Emarosa

Here's another band that wasn't hard to stand out. With vocalist Bradley climbing on top of stages, to his voice made from heaven. The band, now signed to Hopeless, recently released 131 and is easily one of best albums out this year. Every song has a deep meaning and a catchy hook that will haunt you till the day you die. If you haven't checked out Helpless, Cloud 9, Miracle, Blue, and every other song on this album you are missing out. Seriously, you're missing out.

#1 - Silent Planet

I think we all knew who my number one was. This band was the talk of the town. They were that band this year. Their album Everything Was Sound gained more popularity than expected! debuting on Billboard 100, was #1 on Billboard Christian charts. Before their end of run with Warped Tour they were pushed up from Full Sail to Poseidon Stage. They certainty gained a huge fan base over the summer and I hope them and all the other bands listed will grow even further in the future!