The Front Bottoms feat. Basement 10/25/17

Lately the shows I've been attending has been lackluster when it came with the crowds. Not enough participating. Or just standing there while singing along. While thats all fine and dandy, it just haven't felt alive in a while. That combo officially broke with The Front Bottoms. I love almost getting hit by a crowd surfers foot. I missed it and there was so much crowd surfing, crowd participating, especially when TFB performed Peace Sign, a whole lot of singing and moshing. I missed seeing fans having a ball at a show and I'm glad it happened at this one

The Front Bottoms hosted yet another sold out headlining show here in Cleveland with Basement. Both bands killing the gig with complete bangers. The show was held at the House of Blues which became the House of Pop Punk for the night. Fans were left feeling like they were just in a roller coaster and i mean that in a good way. The venue felt alive all night and I'm sure everyone was left happy and wanting more! The light production was on par with each band and The Front Bottoms having a full(er) band was to die for. What an incredible show!