Circa Survive, Thrice, and CHON 12/02/17

Circa Survive arrived in Cleveland for the second time this year. This was my third time seeing them but my first time ever shooting them, so middle school Sean was indeed happy about this. The crowd consisted of former emo kids but by the end of the night everyone became young again.


Balance and Composure starts off the show and wow their performance put me in a different world! Due to box office problems I missed most of their set but I was pleasantly satisfied once i got to watch them. I usually watch other people's reactions to opening bands that I know and everyone seemed to love it. Light We Made is an album people tend to sleep on and suggest everyone to listen to it right now!!

CHON was up next who I swear sounds like thy could do a video game soundtrack. In a good way obviously! Their music is from another world yet still relaxing to just sit back and chill to. You can clearly hear the California in every guitar string they hit. And their guitar skills is something I wish to have.


Thrice stage production is so much of an improvement compared to their headlining show last year. This show had a big pattern of bands that know how to relax you in different styles. But does not mean that Thrice left their hard hitting songs out the door! Because as soon as they played Deadbolt the crowd exploded with excitement! crowdsurfing and moshing everywhere. Everyone seemed so young again and it was an amazing site


I was super excited to finally shoot Circa Survive for the first time. If you've ever seen Anthony Green live before, whether with Circa or Saosin, then you'll know that he is a wild one on stage. So I had to prepare myself for that. I think I did an okay job. If the lighting was brighter I probably would've gotten more photos of him jumping everywhere to show a good example. But their set was amazing. Playing everything from Juturna, to Blue Sky Noise, all the way up to The Amulet! If you haven't had the chance go listen to Circa Survives new album 'The Amulet' it's out now!