Ten Bands to Check Out at Vans Warped Tour 2017

We’re only a couple weeks away from the Vans Warped Tour kicking off and as a kid thats been a fan of going to Warped since 2005, there is always a reason for me to go every single year. We all know the bands that are gonna rock your socks off (Hawthorne Heights, Beartooth, Neck Deep, Attila, etc.) But what about the bands/artist you might not know about? Today we take a look at the up and comers, and the bands that might’ve been in the game for a long time but you haven’t really gotten the chance to check out!


A majority of people I'm friends with are already aware of Watsky. Some aren't..This entry is for those who don't. There are folks that may say that Warped isn't for rappers. I say to those people that rappers have the same similarities to punks. They both come from rough pasts and have something to write about. Watsky is, to put it simply, a fast rapper. He says it himself in multiple songs. Although it could get old hearing how hes a white rapper in a bunch of his songs. It is really amazing to listen to. He speaks about experiences and whats going on in his life more than the typical mainstream hip hop. Give him a listen you might become a fan!


I've seen and photographed Microwave a couple times in the past and never imagined them getting added to the Warped Tour lineup. Only for the sole fact that I never thought they had Warped Tour in their minds. A lot of emo bands similar to them usually have that mindset but I'm glad Microwave isn't like that at all and is willing to give it a shot this year. They are incredibly talented. Often mixing in indie, emo and screamo all in one album (heck even in one song) This band is hoping to catch the right crowd this summer. If they do, then this will only be the beginning of their chapter of success.

8. William Control

If you're a fan of gothic techno music, then Will Con is your guy. You might know his face from somewhere. He's the former lead vocalist of Aiden. Deciding to go solo in 2009 in the midst of Aidens success he definitely wanted to prove that he's more than what Aiden delivered. William Control focuses more on his personal life, but also likes to go into a more sexy route like Knife Play (yes..). If sexy goth rock is your taste, William Control is worth trying out!

7. Boston Manor

Boston Manor is one of the bands Warped Tour listed as one of the pop punk acts to go and see. For those complaining that there aren't enough pop punk in the lineup. The Pros of not having a lot of pop punk in the lineup is that it's giving bands like Boston Manor and other pop punk bands that are listed below a chance to shine. Hoping that they won't get lost in the shuffle, Boston Manor needs to be listed in the rankings of State Champs, Neck Deep, and Moose Blood. With their hard hitting melodies and strong lyrics. Boston Manor is a band you should not sleep on.

6. Movements

The most I can explain Movements is that they are amazing. Just plain amazing. If you ever wanted Hotel Books and Citizen to combine into one aggressive pop punk band, then Movements is for you.

5. Knocked Loose

Knocked Loose has been the talk of the town for the past two years within the scene. So when we found out that they were announced for this years Warped Tour we were ecstatic! If you or a loved one has ever been to a Knocked Loose show you know how dangerously insane it gets. Imagine walking to their set seeing a bunch of angry kids moshing around. Knocked Loose will most likely destroy Warped.

4.  One Last Shot

This entry I never knew about till they were announced. But I'm glad I looked them up. Even though they are only playing July 7th till the 10th, it's obvious how inspired they are of bands like My Chemical Romance and Aiden. A band filled with eccentric vocals and creepy aesthetic, this band is surely a band to look out for.

3. The Ataris

Believe it or not, a lot of people aren't aware of The Ataris. back in 1999-2003 this band was pretty much on top of the world. Making songs like In This Diary and So Long, Astoria, even covering Boys of Summer. This band was definitely the spokespeople of emo teenagers. Pop Punk was on top of the world thanks to bands like The Ataris so its great to get a history lesson and give The Ataris a listen.

2. Sylar

Nu Metal at it's finest! Sylar totally brings back what Linkin Park left behind. combining hip hop with metalcore, Sylar were most likely the original band to bring back that combination into our scene. And it works!

1. Trophy Eyes

I hope it isn't bias of me to put one of my current favorite band number one on this entry. But just like Sylar, they're bringing a bit of originality into their genre. A ton of todays pop punk music has always had some sense of similarities to them. But for Trophy Eyes they like to combine a bit of aggressive hardcore into their music. With rough vocals mixed in with clean cut music that will remind you of palm trees in California but also inserting in deep lyrics about childhood and hurting love ones. Trophy Eyes is my number band to check out at this years Vans Warped Tour!

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