Neck Deep, Trophy Eyes, more

Fun Fact: I’ve never photographed Neck Deep in a big stage. Only in smaller venues. That all changed when Neck Deep came back this year with Trophy Eyes and WSTR. Last time they were expecting to show up was earlier this year but due to venue difficulties they had to cancel it. Fortunately I got to catch them this time around. Their set list was pretty A to B but it didn’t stop the crowd from getting rowdy. Trophy Eyes came back with a less punky attitude. Stripping away a lot of their angry tunes and focused more on their emo/alternative nature. While it was great hearing songs from their new album and Chlorine. It would’ve been great to hear a couple of older songs too. This was WSTRs first time touring in the US and they didn’t disappoint. I was never a fan of them till I heard their song Bad To The Bone. That’s when I thought less of them as “Neck Deep 2.0” and more as their own selfs.