6lack (is pronounced Black) with Summer Walker 11/16/18

I’m a few months late but I really have been meaning to post these. I think I’ve been thinking about where to post them considering I’ve never posted anything on here that wasn’t rock based. BUT theres a first time for anything! I shot my first hip hop show in years this past November and this time I knew what I was doing! I’m happy that it was along side 6lack. He makes “bangers” as the kids call it and he so happen to be coming to cleveland around this time and I really wanted to shoot this show. I’m so happy I made this decision. The fashion at this show was so amazing it made me wish i wasn’t so awkward for asking people to take a picture of them! A huge shout out to black people for really showing off their wardrobes at hip hop shows. Summer Walker was one of the openers, I didnt know who she was prior to the show but a lot of people there knew her and sung along to a lot of her songs. She apparently has a pretty huge following and I can see why. Makes me happy to see Neo-Soul getting the attention it deserves again! Then 6lacks DJ came on to hype, including myself, up before the main dude got on and it indeed worked! 6lack lighting was amazing. It made it easy for me to get the right angles and be a bit creative with what was getting presented at me. Hope you enjoy the gallery!