Underoath, Dance Gavin Dance, more!

Believe it or not, by this time of this show it was my 3rd time shooting Underoath of 2018, 4th time in general, and 6th time seeing them ever! If you didnt notice just by that first sentence, I’m a huge Underoath fan. the Ø in my name originates from them. Each time I’ve photographed them I had to stay super professional. They really help with that because they’re so good at performing! Like each time I shoot them I capture something different each time. Underoath was backed by The Plot In You, Crown the Empire and Dance Gavin Dance. All doing amazing jobs! I only wish The Plot in You had better lighting. Or I wish my camera could capture all members except just Landon Tewers because it seemed like the lights were all focused on just him. Regardless I have amazing shots of him so can’t super complain. Crown The Empire just gets better and better each time I see them. You can honestly see how experienced they’ve become by being on the stage constantly compared to the first time I saw them. Also this was the show that Tillan had to call in sick on. So we had the crowd singing Tillans parts and it was beautiful. Everyone still crowd surfed and sung along to every song. It was amazing! Then Underoath came on. The crowd went nuts but not too nuts cuz everyones in their late 20s to 30s and had to work the next day but everyone jumped around and went insane..okay I was one of the everybody. After the three songs I couldn’t help but get back in the crowd and just go nuts for the rest of the show. My girlfriend rarely sees me like that so she was indeed happy.