Bands and Artists you didn't know played Vans Warped Tour

Hey guys! Back at it again with another warped article. We are just a month away from the officially last ever Warped Tour kickoff, and with that we thought we might share some facts about it. You probably knew about Eminem / D12 playing Warped Tour one year. Or Bands like Green Day and Sublime playing as well. But today we’re giving you guys a list of bands and artist you didn’t know played Warped


Only playing three days in the 2002 edition of Warped Tour, Pharrell and friends showed off their eccentric style of hip-hop to the festival. That tour also featured upcoming bands such as The Used, Yellowcard, and Motion City Soundtrack. Truly the year that showcased the future


Warped Tour 2014 was the year I was least excited to go to because I wasn’t huge on the main stage acts, with no disrespect to them I just seen most of them before. I was mainly excited to see the smaller bands such as State Champs, Beartooth and Issues. It’s really weird saying that now since all those bands have gotten huge since then. But looking back at the show I didn’t give the festival the applause that it deserved. The amount of future bands like mentioned before and A few bands that we wouldn’t see on the lineup again such as Of Mice & Men, Enter Shikari and Anberlin. I never appriciated how stacked and well balanced 2014 was. And in the mist of all of that we had future Grammy nominated K.Flay perform in the short lived Beatport stage. That stage featured a lot of DJ’s and rappers. They since got rid of it, named it the Spotify stage once, then that was it. With the height of soundcloud rappers, that stage could’ve made a comeback in the last days of Warped


Putting both these guys together mainly because they both played the same year and weren’t even household names yet around this time. 2012 was a very stacked lineup, it reintroduced the double main stage. It also had numourus amounts of bands playing each day. Bands that I regret not seeing. One we will get to later. But the two that I wish that I saw just so I can say “yeah I saw these dudes before they went top 40” is G Eazy and Machine Gun Kelly. Both went on Warped tour back in 2012 and apparently impressed a lot of people. It would’ve been impossible for me to see them even if I went back in time because I would’ve wanted to see everyone else before them. I just wouldn’t have that much time!


We mentioned before that Green Day played Warped Tour. That year was in 2000. Another big name band that played that year was Weezer. While it was only 8 days and exclusively on the west coast, It would’ve been exciting to see Weezer, Green Day, No Doubt, and AFI all on one day. For a very low price might I add!


1996 itself is it’s own “did you know?” list. It was the very second every Warped Tour. It is also the first VANS Warped Tour. This year you’ll see bands like Limp Bizkit, Deftones, Blink-182, and Pennywise get their start. You’d also see a small artist named Beck. You may have heard of him. What’s strange about this is that I can’t find any records on what dates he played or if he played all dates. But it is on record that he played that year. Was even featured on the sampler CD of a remix version of Where It’s At!


There are dozens more I could probably add to this list. But we’re going to end it with the legend, the myth, the greatest band Title Fight. Alongside MGK and G Eazy, this band is the number one band I regret not seeing at the 2012 Warped Tour. This was their only year ever playing it and I don’t think a lot of people realize that they actually played Warped Tour once before. There is a video of them playing Warped Tour in 2007. They apparently one the Earnie Ball Battle of the Bands and got to play the Scranton date. Also bands like Pierce The Veil and The Wonder Years got their start around this same year. Motionless In White also got to play the same Scranton date of Warped Tour. Imagine witnessing our future scene in one day like that.