$UICIDEBOY$, Denzel Curry, and more 08/07/19

I guess this is another series of "Doing different things!” Last time was Carly Rae Jepsen. this time its the likes of $uicideboy$, Denzel Curry and more! This show was insanely packed it sold out in minutes apparently! When first going in I was told that I was only allowed to shoot the bands in the photo pit except for the main acts ($B) but once I came in I was told that I wasn’t even allowed in the actual pit. Apparently the crowd was so crazy during Trash Talk the security thought it was too much of a liability to have photographers in the pit. Which was understandable because the crowd was wild. During Shakewell I saw a kid jump off the first story balcony to land on the crowd! I unfortunately missed Trash Talk but I was able to watch the rest of the artists. According to friends Trash Talk had people crowd surfing on top of other crowd surfers. Absolutely nuts! The crowd seemed chill during Shakewell and Germ but they got crazy again during City Morgue. A group that impressed me by far. I’ve lately been a sucker for screaming hip hop and that’s most likely because of the emo in me. They performed their first song then afterwards proceeded to mosh on stage to, what I believe to be, a Slipknot song. Then Denzel Curry came on and oh my goodness, this man stole the whole show. Talk about HUGE talent. $uicideboy$ came on and they were okay. I’m not a huge fan of them but their lighting was pretty cool! Here’s some proof: