Architects 02/20/18

Architects is one of those bands you automatically have huge respect for. Being in this scene for over ten years. They've sure been through major ups and downs. Losing fellow guitarist Tom Searle to cancer two years ago would've put a hold into their careers but Architects found a way to keep going in memory of their loss. Releasing their single Doomsday in remembrance of Tom was a big sign of that. This show was, as well, a remembrance of Tom Searle as they talk about how much of an amazing songwriter he was. Leaving almost everyone in tears but with everyone clapping with respect for this band. This was truly an incredible show with incredible bands like Counterparts and Stick To Your Guns joining along spreading their views on whats going on in the world. Whether its anti-trump or anti-racism, homophobia, or xenophobia, these bands wanted to get their words across. It might seem preachy to some but these words needed to be said that night. The crowd was nuts the whole night. Lots of hardcore dancing, and lots of almost getting hit by crowd surfers while photographing the bands.