Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers - Cleveland, OH

I never thought I would ever photograph this dude but it happened. And, well, he actually impressed me! His way of putting on a performance really entertained me. It’s crazy to think a year ago Frank probably couldn’t sell out a coffee shop. Now he can pack out a house of blues. It’s crazy to think what one song can do to an artist. With that being said this show brought two openers;  Jeffrey Lewis and Oliver Tree. While Jeffrey Lewis sounded like what menthol cigarettes mixed with PBR beer would sound like if they had voices. He too had a very different performance. Singing while giving a story time towards the crowd did keep the crowd entertained. Oliver Tree on the other hand caught me by surprise. The dude legit came out sporting JNCO jeans while riding a scooter and wore this jazzy 90s solo cup pattern jumpsuit. Was definitely a site to see. I had no idea what was going on and wasn’t sure if it was satire or if he was for real. But after photographing him I actually got to listen to his music and while it’s something I don’t always like to listen to, his music isn’t that bad. My opinion is sort of the opposite for Hobo Johnson. I’m not huge on his music style at all but I did like his performance. It did felt like their stage set up sort of ripped off the Front Bottoms (I.e a crusty couch with their band name banner made out of a white sheet with their name being spray painted onto it. All it was missing were TVs showing Rush Hour), still like the aesthetic so I shouldn’t complain.