So for a few months now I’ve been thinking about doing album reviews again. Before I joined We Are OH that’s what I did for a very short time in my self made website. That had to of been 8 years ago! Obviously a few years has past and I personally think I know how to describe songs a bit better now. I constantly go so in depth with songs and albums already in real life so I thought I’d just start sharing my opinions on some platform. What better way to start doing album reviews again than Issues new album “Beautiful Oblivion”. Issues is a four piece “metalcore” band based in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally came into creation all thanks to Tyler Carter and former member Michael Bohn after leaving the band Woe, Is Me. Which personally I believe was the best decision ever. While I did like a few songs by Woe, Is Me, that band kind of had a ceiling above them. They were metalcore and only metalcore. When Black Diamonds came out it showed me that Michael and Tyler wanted to do more outside of the metal realm. Mixing metal with R&B and pop was and still is something the metalcore scene was really missing. Their last album Headspace really proved such examples of that as well. Especially with the introduction of Michael Bohn doing more singing than screaming. Also writing more compelling and deeper songs rather than songs about love, but also capturing songs about family problems, friendships, among other things. But with the departure of Michael people were very skeptical with this album. Fearing that they were going to hang up the metal portion of their sound and just go full pop with Tyler Carter doing main vocals now. But with their lead single Tapping Out people started to calm down just a little bit. Me, on the other hand, not so much. First listening to it I thought it was a bit forced. Sounded like they were trying to capture the days of their self titled debut album. So I never listened to it again. Drink About It was their second single and this was the song I was totally into. Every formula in this song keeps everything balanced. Amazing guitars, Tyler sounding like an ANGEL with his high notes at the outro. My mindset was “there’s no way the album will have anything as great as this single”. And boy I am so glad I was wrong about that because this album is incredible!

The first track did not have to be this good, but it certainly is. Here’s To You is powerful, captures how Tyler is drunk every single day and how he can’t undo what he did to his significant other. And when you thought the song wouldn’t get better we get bassist Sky Accord singing on this track and he kills it! Chills dropped right down my spine as soon as he sung. Everything about this song is amazing there’s literally nothing wrong with it. The song transitions to Drink About It which fits perfectly to the subject of depression and troubles within a relationship.

Listening to Tapping Out in the mist of this album really made me like this song much more. Somehow made this song feel more in line with what they wanted to create in this album.

The following track Without You starts off with a beat that you’d think in a lo-fi track by Still Woozy or any artist similar to him. But this is my top favorite track of this whole album. This hook will be in your head forever. And that bass!! A huge shout out to Skyler for killing it on bass in this album. Each track on this album has a certain groove in them and it helps separate each track and helping them be their own.

Rain has huge late 2000’s pop punk feels to it. But also sounding like something you’ll hear in a Dance Gavin Dance album. But one song you can really hear Tylers emotion is Second Best. By the end of the song you can hear him scream I THINK THAT I’M JUST SECOND BEST” and hearing it for the first time will tear you up. It sounds so raw, so emotional. You can just feel how he was feeling when singing this in the studio.

No Problem (Keep It Alive) is just beautiful. I listen to it and I always think if this is a Celebrity B Side song by *Nsync. Also Issues giving homage to Brownstone with their breakdown “If you love me (say it!) if you trust me (do it!). Something a lot of fans of Issues probably wouldn’t be familiar with but was definitely a good touch for the song.

Now lets talk about Flexin: first hearing this song I thought it was a utter mess. And I still do, but I like it way more now than I did when first hearing it. I learned that this song was released as a single to scare their fans. It’s also a joke song. I don’t mind it, I just wish the guitars weren’t such a mess in this song.

Downfall is another least favorite of mine. The hook is a bit repetitive, seems a bit watered down compared to other tracks they have on this album. Other tracks like Get It Right, Find Forever, and Beautiful Oblivion are pretty good. But nothing really worth talking about. Not saying they’re bad. Just songs that you can jam to inbetween A1 tracks. Beautiful Oblivion would’ve been a good track to start with but I think they made the wise decision starting the album strong with Here’s to You. But if I’m comparing endings with BO and Headspace, Headspace wins in a landslide. But still a great track nontheless.

All in all this album is most certainly my top ten of this year. Issues created songs that will get stuck in our heads all week. Songs you just can’t wait to get back to because you love it so much. Best believe I’m going to be jamming to this album till the end of time. Make sure you see them in a town near you as they go on tour in the US and EU/UK starting this November!