Moose Blood • 04/15/18

So I'm back from my long hiatus! What a better way to get out of it than shooting the band that I always love working with. Moose Blood came around town with Lydia this spring which also originally suppose to feature McCafferty as well but they unfortunately had to drop off tour due to mental health issues. But the show must go on and my main focus was Moose Blood. I've worked with them in the past and their management always love what I do. One of my photos are even on a shirt of theirs! I felt very privileged this night because I was given the okay to go where other photographers weren't allowed to go. I know that's brag mode but I deserved to brag a little! Their lighting was incredible and seemed like their color coded it by the album each song they performed was from. Although they did that, mostly all of my photos are still blue. I hope you all enjoy these!

Sean DayComment