State Champs with Grayscale, The Dangerous Summer, more! 03/06/19

What a great birthday gift for me! Seeing the band State Champs sell out the House of Blues! I’ve been seeing this band since they opened up for We Are The In Crowd at a small venue years ago. Now they’re out here selling out shows! It’s incredible how things work out. Grayscale and The Dangerous Summer opened up the show. Our Last Night were suppose to co-headline but members of the group got sick and couldn’t perform. I was a bit bummed out when I heard that because I love their stage presence. Fortunately everyone else rocked! Instead of Our Last Night we got a local band from Cincinnati named Let It Happen. the band was..okay I just felt like this show wasn’t the show for their sound. But Grayscale came up next and people went nuts for them! Grayscale is a band that definitely deserves the great attention. They ended their set with Fever Dream and it legit gave me chills. The Dangerous Summer came up next and the lead vocalists sounds exactly like the recordings! It was a breath of fresh air to hear their stuff live. State Champs came on strong with some smoke pyro and the pop punk power-ness of riffs and movements. Their bass player Ryan really completes the band with how much he moves around and supports Derek with backup vocals. Everyone in the band has their own way of presenting themselves and its definitely worth watching yourself.



The Dangerous Summer