The Story So Far, Turnover, Citizen, more

This was the ultimate pop punk show of the year. Where every band wanted you to either mosh or cry. Or sometimes both. The Story So Far sold out the famous Agora Theater a couple weeks ago. And when I say sold out, I mean packed! There was no room to move. It made me happy yet frustrated to witnessed this because it showed how alive the scene still is but frustrated because I had a hard time getting into the photo pit because no one knew how to move when I say excuse me! But that’s a personal story. Each band did an amazing job this night. I’m in love with every band that played which made the night even more special to me. Citizens set felt short to me and feels like they have a hard time making a set list because they didn’t even perform their new B side single that came out two days prior of this show! I love Turnover and even though their set is a cool down moment I looked around to see if people were enjoying it and they were. Which is a good sign. The main band The Story So Far really matured with their new set of songs and how they present themselves. Always great to see how some of these bands progress over the years. 




The Story So Far